Sound recording workshop

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10–16 June 2019

Cornell University and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York

Learn sound recording techniques from top-notch sound recordists in the heart of the Finger Lakes. The workshop will be based on the Cornell University campus and at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Each day begins in the field, listening to the dawn chorus and learning how to capture the incredible diversity of bird sounds. From grasslands to hemlock-filled hollows, the Ithaca area offers many beautiful locations that host a range of species and habitat diversity in which to hone your skills. This workshop also offers a great opportunity to see the inner workings of the Macaulay Library, eBird, and other programs at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. We welcome both beginner and seasoned sound recordists.

This workshop includes:

  • Daily field recording with hands-on instruction
  • Field techniques for audio recording, for basic to advanced skill levels
  • Overview of a range of equipment, including microphones and recorders
  • How to prepare and upload audio files to the Macaulay Library via eBird
  • Fundamentals of using eBird to gather sightings and rich media
  • Introduction to software for visualizing, editing, and reviewing recordings

The workshop fee includes food and lodging on campus at Cornell University. Participation is limited to 20 individuals. Cost is $1,350 for a double room and $1,550 for a single room.

For information call (607) 254-6323 or email Registration for this event is now closed.

Canada Warbler

Canada Warbler Cardellina canadensis

  • Georgia, Union, United States