Contributor Spotlight: Teresa and Miles Tuffli

By Teresa & Miles Tuffli
Teresa and Miles Tuffli are avid birders who regularly contribute audio recordings and photographs to the Macaulay Library. They enjoy volunteering their time with nature-based organizations within their community of Sonoma County, California. Teresa and Miles shared their story with the Macaulay Library about how they got started birding and all the wonderful things they…

Recordist of note: Linda Macaulay

By Kathi Borgmann
Linda Macaulay dedicates much, if not all, of her spare time to recording birds and building the sound library that now bears her name. Linda has archived more than 6,000 audio recordings of 2,831 species. She has also added more than 650 recordings that were the very first recordings of a species in the archive.…

eBirder and photographer Pavel Parkhaev contributes the 10 millionth photo

By Team eBird
It’s been just a little over three years since eBird and Macaulay Library partnered to give eBirders a place to permanently archive their photos and sounds. On 22 January 2019, eBirder and photographer Pavel Parkhaev from Moscow, Russia contributed the 10 millionth photo to the Macaulay Library! This is a huge milestone and a tribute…

Macaulay Library 2018 Year in Review

By Kathi Borgmann
This year has been a remarkable year for the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology thanks to 61,407 contributors from around the globe. We have a lot of successes to celebrate together as we head into 2019—the Macaulay Library’s 90th year! The community of recordists and photographers who archive their media in the…

Publications 2018

By Kathi Borgmann
In 2018, scientists published 112 peer-reviewed papers using media from the Macaulay Library. Media in the Macaulay Library helped researchers discover a new species of grosbeak in the Amazon and helped us understand why birds-of-paradise not only have amazing plumage patterns, but dance moves and vocalizations as well. Researchers also used media in the Macaulay Library…

Recordist of Note: Saurabh Sawant

By Kathi Borgmann
Meet Saurabh Sawant, a Macaulay Library contributor. Saurabh tells us why he started recording bird sounds and what he loves about it. Thank you, Saurabh for joining our community and for archiving your photos and recordings with the Macaulay Library! Special thanks to Lauren Gabuzzi for creating the video.