Contributor profiles

Recordist of Note: Valerie Heemstra

By Macaulay Library Team
Valerie Heemstra has been watching birds for most of her life and although medicine won out on the career front, Valerie continues to pursue her love of birds. In fact, according to her eBird profile, Valerie retired so she could spend more time birding. Valerie has been busy birding, she has 1,143 recordings and 6,479…

Recordist of Note: Wil Hershberger

By Kathi Borgmann
In 1995 Wil Hershberger, a molecular biologist by training and an avid birder, found himself in northern California. That’s where Hershberger was bitten, by the recording bug that is. Hershberger says he was always into birds. First, it was a brilliant Baltimore Oriole in his backyard that made him take notice of birds when he…

Contributor Spotlight: Teresa and Miles Tuffli

By Teresa & Miles Tuffli
Teresa and Miles Tuffli are avid birders who regularly contribute audio recordings and photographs to the Macaulay Library. They enjoy volunteering their time with nature-based organizations within their community of Sonoma County, California. Teresa and Miles shared their story with the Macaulay Library about how they got started birding and all the wonderful things they…

Recordist of note: Linda Macaulay

By Kathi Borgmann
Linda Macaulay dedicates much, if not all, of her spare time to recording birds and building the sound library that now bears her name. Linda has archived more than 6,000 audio recordings of 2,831 species. She has also added more than 650 recordings that were the very first recordings of a species in the archive.…

Recordist of Note: Saurabh Sawant

By Kathi Borgmann
Meet Saurabh Sawant, a Macaulay Library contributor. Saurabh tells us why he started recording bird sounds and what he loves about it. Thank you, Saurabh for joining our community and for archiving your photos and recordings with the Macaulay Library! Special thanks to Lauren Gabuzzi for creating the video.    

Recordist of note: Mark Robbins

By Kathi Borgmann
Mark Robbins, the Collection Manager at the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute, has been recording bird sounds for 40 years, mounting an unparalleled collection of sounds all of which have been archived in the Macaulay Library. Robbins now has 11,055 recordings and counting in the library—that’s nearly 3% of all of the recordings in the…

Contributor Profile: Phil Green

By Macaulay Library Team
Phil Green’s connection to nature makes the foundation for how he lives his life. Green is the caretaker of four islands protected by The Nature Conservancy in Washington’s San Juan Islands archipelago. Yellow Island, the eleven-acre member of the preserve he calls home, is only accessible by boat, but visitors who make the trip are…

Ben Mirin, Wildlife DJ

By Macaulay Library Team
Wildlife DJ and contributor to Macaulay Library, Ben Mirin, creatively weaves sounds of animals into rhythmic echoes of nature. He has captured the acoustic soundscapes of the forests of Borneo, the Sonoran Desert, and the Great Barrier Reef by mixing bird songs, cougar growls, cicada chirps, parrot fish feeding, waves, and wind into music that…

Contributor Profile: Lance Benner

By Macaulay Library Team
Lance Benner records audio of birds while mountain biking at night. He has regular routes and stops, and catches some recordings opportunistically, like an American dipper singing. Living in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, he does most of his birding around his home. But he has also done some extensive traveling. As a Planetary…