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Jessie Barry Program Manager    ContributoreBird profile
Jessie helps lead the Macaulay Library and Merlin Bird ID.

Tayler Brooks Curatorial Assistant    eBird profile
Tayler assists in the development of Neotropical multimedia projects.

Rick Elliker Lead Media Engineer
Rick is responsible for the quality, safety and availability of the entire Macaulay Library archive. He provides engineering support for all Macaulay Library field, archival and storage hardware systems and software.

Martha Fischer Multimedia Collections Specialist    Contributor; eBird profile
Martha archives audio and video specimens, edits audio production cuts, and enjoys reaching out and coaching recordists who use the eBird upload tool to help build the Macaulay Library audio collection.

Bryan Gorges Software Engineer    Contributor; eBird profile
Bryan develops machine-learning software to improve our ability to identify birds from photos. The software capitalizes on crowd-sourcing and citizen science participation.

Cullen Hanks Visipedia Project Leader    Contributor; eBird profile
Cullen coordinates the development of image recognition tools for non avian taxa.

Tim Levatich Database Administrator
Tim builds and operates large databases at the Lab. Together with programmers and staff, he brings biodiversity information to scientists and the public. He supports systems for the Macaulay Library, the Information Science team, and the Membership & Development group.

Brian Maltzan Lead Software Engineer    ContributoreBird profile
Brian writes code to store the metadata related to media.

Jay McGowan Multimedia Collections Specialist    Contributor; eBird profile
Jay’s primary responsibilities involve archival of audio and video specimens, and he manages the audio and video equipment loaner fleet.

Matthew Medler Collections Management Leader    Contributor; eBird profile
As Collections Management Leader, Matt works with our team of media specialists to engage new and existing contributors to preserve their media in the ML archive.

Janelle Morano Research Coordinator    Contributor; eBird profile
Janelle develops and promotes the resources that support scientific research for our students and the research community. Her research focuses on the behavior, ecology, and evolution of acoustic signals in animals.

Matt Schloss Web Designer    ContributoreBird profile
Matt is a web designer and developer working with the Macaulay Library team. He relishes the opportunity to create interactive websites that feature beautiful images of birds, videos of amazing behavior, and audio recordings of the great diversity of bird songs.

Edwin Scholes, Ph.D. Birds-of-Paradise Project Leader    Contributor
Edwin is the co-founder and leader of the Birds-of-Paradise Project at the Cornell Lab. He has been using audiovisual media to document and study the birds-of-paradise since 1999, when he began his Ph.D. in Ecology in Evolutionary biology at the University of Kansas. Prior to joining the Cornell Lab, he was a postdoctoral fellow in Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Learn more

Andrew Spencer Digital Media Coordinator    Contributor; eBird profile
Andrew works on photo and audio content development for various lab apps and pages.


Drew Weber Merlin Project Coordinator    Contributor; eBird profile
Drew works on the Merlin Bird ID mobile app, charting out new features to help users learn more about birds, and collaborating with partners to expand the coverage of the app to the rest of the world. Drew has been birding since he was a kid and loves anything with birding and technology, so he feels fortunate to combine these two things every day.

Mike Webster, Ph.D. Macaulay Library Director and Robert G. Engel Professor of Ornithology    Contributor; eBird profile
As Director, Mike oversees the various archival, collections development, and research/outreach activities of the Macaulay Library. He is also a Professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, with research focusing on the behavior and evolution of birds (particularly Australian fairy-wrens and New World warblers). Learn more about his research.

Karen Workman  Financial Analyst 
Karen oversees financial management of the Macaulay Library and other units including the budgetary process, grant and contract administration, financial reporting, and assisting in preparation of award proposals.

Matthew Young Collections Management Leader    Contributor; eBird profile
Matthew’s main job duties are media licensing, audio editing, and overall collections management. His research interest is finch taxonomy, particularly Red Crossbill call types.


Marcelo Araya Salas, Ph.D. Postdoc    Contributor; eBird profile
Marcelo’s research focuses on the  behavioral and evolutionary biology of Neotropical birds (mostly hummingbird vocal behavior), using both single species and comparative analysis approaches. He also develops computational tools for the analysis of animal vocalizations on the R platform. Visit Marcelo’s website.

Jay Falk Ph.D. Student
Jay is an evolutionary biologist and behavioral ecologist investigating how and why differences between the sexes arise. Visit Jay’s website.

Ryan Germain, Ph.D. Postdoc    
’s research focuses on understanding variation in reproductive success and survival among individuals within wild animal populations.

Julian Kapoor, Ph.D. Postdoc    Contributor
Julian develops and uses novel bioacoustic and biotelemetry tools to investigate fundamental questions about sexual selection and the evolution of social and vocal learning in lek-mating and other polygynous birds. Visit Julian’s website.

Gavin Leighton, Ph.D. NSF Postdoctoral Fellow    Contributor
Gavin is a behavioral ecologist and evolutionary biologist that studies macroevolution of sociality in birds and plumage evolution in North American woodpeckers. Visit Gavin’s website.

Russell Ligon, Ph.D. NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Russell is a behavioral evolutionary biologist interested in understanding how animals communicate and how animal communication strategies influence patterns of diversification. Visit his website.

Karan Odom, Ph.D. Postdoc    Contributor; eBird profile
Karan investigates how songbirds evolved the diversity of complex songs we see today. Karan is especially interested in the selection pressures responsible for elaborate song in females and males. Karan uses comparative methods and recordings from sound archives to examine how female and male songs have changed over time. Karan also developed a citizen science project – the Female Bird Song Project – to increase awareness and documentation of female bird songs.

Derrick Thrasher Ph.D. Candidate
Learn more.

Rebekah Villalta Ph.D. Student
Learn more.

Joseph Welklin Ph.D. Candidate
Joseph is a behavioral ecologist interested in the causes and consequences of individual variation within animal species, especially in fairy-wrens.