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Starting with the pioneering efforts of Doc Allen and Peter Kellogg, and thanks to the innovation and dedication of staff and volunteers over the past several decades, the Macaulay Library has grown to become one of the world’s preeminent scientific research collections. The dawning of the “information age” brings with it significant potential, but also significant challenges, as we face to meet our mission. Here are some of the goals we have set for our immediate future:

  • Grow the collection. Growth of the audio and video collections will continue at a global scale, primarily through partnerships with professional and citizen scientists that will further expand our network of recordists. We will empower this network by training and supporting these recordists, particularly in developing areas of the globe.
  • Access. As the Macaulay Library archive continues to expand, a growing challenge is the ability to access and use the information in it. We will develop ever-more sophisticated tools to allow users to explore the collection and find the information and assets they need for research, education and conservation.