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Female Bird Song Project

By Team eBird
by Karan OdomMost birders know that males of many bird species sing. Less well known is that females of many species sing too – and that their songs can often be equally beautiful and complex. In fact, recent research shows that females sing in about 2/3 of songbird species, and that female songs likely evolved alongside…

Global Big Day—13 May 2017

By Team eBird
It’s that time of year again! Four weeks from today is Global Big Day. Your contributions to the past two Global Big Days have set back-to-back world records for the most bird species seen in a single day. Last year’s Global Big Day featured more than 60% of the world’s bird species in a single day, with…

A World of Sound—Juan Pablo Culasso

By Team eBird
Livestream the Cornell Lab’s Monday Night Seminar on Monday, April 3 at 7:30PM EDT, where Juan Pablo Culasso will be sharing his inspiring story about ornithology and audio recording as a blind birdwatcher: A World of Sound. Juan Pablo is from Uruguay, and travels throughout the world, continually proving that you don’t need sight to truly see. He…

Help Merlin expand to Costa Rica

By Team eBird
Do you wish that you could use Merlin Bird ID wherever you traveled in the world? With dreams of birding in the Neotropics, Team Merlin is working on expanding coverage to Costa Rica, including images, sounds, range maps, ID text and Photo ID. So whether you’re currently stuck in a snowbound part of the world,…