The Macaulay Library Reaches New Milestones

By Macaulay Library Team
Australian Ringneck

Australian Ringneck Barnardius zonarius

  • Northern Territory, MacDonnell, Australia

Over the last decade, you have helped the Macaulay Library grow tremendously and recently we reached two amazing milestones. Thanks to birders, photographers, and recordists, the Macaulay Library now holds more than 1.5 million audio recordings and 40 million photos. All of those assets power incredible research, birding tools, and more.

The 40 millionth photo came in on July 30, from Joelle Finley who photographed an Australian Ringneck while birding in Ormiston Gorge in MacDonnell, Australia.

On August 14, David Foster recorded the 1.5 millionth recording in the Macaulay Library. On that day David recorded a Hooded Warbler at Thomas Creek Preserve and Fish Camp in Duval, Florida. Take a listen.

Hooded Warbler Setophaga citrina

  • Florida, Duval, United States

Thank you for sharing your observations, photos, and recordings with the world.