Ben Mirin, Wildlife DJ

By Macaulay Library Team
Photo by Ryan Lash for TED

Wildlife DJ and contributor to Macaulay Library, Ben Mirin, creatively weaves sounds of animals into rhythmic echoes of nature. He has captured the acoustic soundscapes of the forests of Borneo, the Sonoran Desert, and the Great Barrier Reef by mixing bird songs, cougar growls, cicada chirps, parrot fish feeding, waves, and wind into music that evokes a sense of place that is familiar and unreal. He does it with a beat that will get you to move. He has been a life-long birder and musician, and his talent is recognized among his many accomplishments, including as the creator and host of the digital series Wild Beats on National Geographic Kids and Nat Geo Wild. He is currently a Fellow at The Safina Center.

In his recent TED talk, he used calls from a Northern Mockingbird and an Eastern Whip-poor-will in the Macaulay Library. Can you hear when they are featured?

Eastern Whip-poor-will Antrostomus vociferus

  • Maryland, Frederick, United States

Eastern Whip-poor-will Antrostomus vociferus © Wilbur L. Hershberger ML 84870

Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottos

  • Maryland, Frederick, United States

Northern Mockingbird Mimus polyglottos © Wilbur L. Hershberger ML 100752


Listen to more of his music at and follow him on social media @benmirin.