A World of Sound—Juan Pablo Culasso

By Team eBird

Livestream the Cornell Lab’s Monday Night Seminar on Monday, April 3 at 7:30PM EDT, where Juan Pablo Culasso will be sharing his inspiring story about ornithology and audio recording as a blind birdwatcher: A World of Sound. Juan Pablo is from Uruguay, and travels throughout the world, continually proving that you don’t need sight to truly see. He was born blind and as a child learned to identify birds by their voices. As an adult, his career is recording the sounds of nature. Last year, he had the opportunity, as a guest of the Uruguayan government, to travel to Antarctica to learn the landscape of the world’s last wilderness through its sounds. If you’re ready to get excited about bird song for the upcoming spring, this is what you’re looking for. Learn more and stream live here.

Originally published on eBird