The Warbler Guide Song and Call Companion

The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle, published by Princeton University Press, contains many ground-breaking features for a bird identification field guide including a new, objective system for identifying singing warblers. It also has the first comprehensive coverage of both chip and flight calls for all of the warblers of US and Canada.
This companion file set for the book contains all of the vocalizations covered by the book, over 1,000 files, presented in the exact page-by-page order as they occur in the text. All of the songs and calls of each master species, as well as the comparison species, are presented in book order. All vocalizations in the Song and Chip and Flight Call Finders are included as are the examples in the chapters “Understanding Sonograms”, “How To Listen To Warbler Songs”, and “Learning Chip and Flight Calls”.
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