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Rating Photos       Rating Audio       Tagging Photos

Tags are used to help find useful photos, as well as photos we want to avoid using. If a photo is tagged as “No bird”, it should be rated based on the intended subject of the photo. Is the photo a good representation of the primary subject?

Tagging is currently only possible in the Quiz, but will be added to search in the future. Here are the tags available so far.

Multiple Species: Any photo with more than one species of bird visible.

Rate based on the focal species.

In-hand: Any photo of a live bird in-hand.

This might include mist-netted and rehab birds.

Nest: Any photo of a nest.

The bird may or may not be present in the photo. Also tag as “No bird” if the bird is not visible.

Eggs: Any photo with clearly visible eggs.

This tag can be used whether or not there is a bird in the photo. Do not tag photos with eggs that are not clearly visible.

Habitat: Any photo that is a good representation of the habitat where the bird was found.

The bird may or may not be present in the photo. Also tag as “No bird” if the bird is not visible.

Watermark: Any photo with a watermark of any kind, including signatures or any other text on the image.

Please do not add watermarks or text of any kind on images during upload, but already uploaded images with text should receive this tag.

Back of camera: Any photo or screenshot of the back of a camera, phone, or computer screen.

Any representation of a photo that is not the actual photo should receive this tag. Often uploaded as temporary documentation for rare sightings, these should always be replaced with the actual image eventually.

Dead: Any photo where the primary subject is dead.

This can include specimen photos uploaded with historical data or dead birds found in the wild. Do not tag predators with prey if uploaded as the predator species.

Field notes/sketch: Any photo or scan of a sketch, field notes, or other supporting documentation.

Anything with this tag should also be tagged as “No bird”.

No bird: Any image without a visible bird.

For example, a photo of habitat, a nest, eggs, or any other image that does not show a bird.