Tushar Bhagwat

Yellow-footed Green-Pigeon Treron phoenicopterus

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The Oriental Bird Club Image Database is now a collection in the Macaulay Library, providing a comprehensive platform for Oriental Bird Club photographers and helping to achieve our shared conservation goals.

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About the OBI collection

The Oriental Bird Club Image Database (OBI) began in 2002. Between then and 2021, it grew to contain over 180,000 photographs of Asian birds. Built with love and care by well over a thousand dedicated photographers and carefully curated and maintained by editor Krys Kazmierczak, the collection is an invaluable resource.

This irreplaceable collection will be permanently archived at the Macaulay Library, allowing the Oriental Bird Club to focus its resources on conserving wild birds in the region. The Macaulay Library is honored to preserve the collection, which will continue to provide the same critical educational opportunities as the original database. The images that make up the Oriental Bird Club Database are available as a separate, searchable collection within the Macaulay Library.

The meticulous curation and regionally comprehensive scope of the collection is particularly impressive—many of the images were identified to subspecies previously unrepresented in the Macaulay Library. Indeed, the archival of the OBI at the Library added around 10 species to the collection that were entirely missing before, and some of the images come from species that are now extinct or extremely difficult to find and photograph. The historical value of such documentation cannot be overstated, and all of the OBI images will find welcome homes in eBird species accounts, Birds of the World articles, and generally as important learning tools for the birding community.

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Oriental Bird Club Image Database

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  • 177,129
  • 3,040
  • 1,029
Golden Bush-Robin, Aseem Kothiala

Golden Bush-Robin Tarsiger chrysaeus

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Top contributors Photos
1 Viral Pankaj 8,836
2 jaysukh parekh Suman 7,029
3 Sunil Singhal 6,800
4 Amar-Singh HSS 6,568
5 Michelle and Peter Wong 3,411
6 Pranjal J. Saikia 3,327
7 Dr. Raghavji Balar 3,163
8 Wg Cdr Vijay K Sethi 2,875
9 Manjula Mathur 2,559
10 Malay Mandal 2,437
Indian Pond-Heron, Kavi Nanda

Indian Pond-Heron Ardeola grayii

ML 378405921
Top countries Photos
1 India 121,438
2 Malaysia 12,161
3 Indonesia 7,047
4 China 5,733
5 Sri Lanka 5,535
6 Thailand 4,914
7 Japan 3,456
8 Hong Kong 3,180
9 Philippines 2,426
10 Bhutan 1,637