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Get the best photos and recordings from the Macaulay Library all for free on your phone with Merlin Bird ID.


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Most of the North American recordings used in Merlin Bird ID are also for sale as the Cornell Guide to Birds: Essential Set and Master Set.

To download high-quality media for research, education, or commercial use, make a request.

Audio and video recordings in the Macaulay Library have many uses. Scientists use the collection to better understand and preserve our planet. Teachers use our sounds and videos to illustrate the natural world and create exciting interactive learning opportunities for their students. Our collection has even been used in the movies and in art installations!

If you would like to use the media from the Macaulay Library, request it and give proper credits. There is no licensing or studio fee for research requests.

Download your own media

Have you archived your media in the Macaulay Library through eBird? If so, your original uploaded files are available for you to download at any time by clicking the Download original link on a Macaulay Library media specimen page. When you upload media to the Macaulay Library, the archives serves as your personal cloud storage and backup of your media files.