Benefits of Uploading to eBird and the Macaulay Library

Malayan Banded-Pitta

Malayan Banded-Pitta Hydrornis irena

  • Phangnga, Thailand

eBird and the Macaulay Library have a number of exciting features that allow you to explore, share, organize, and backup all of the media that you contribute to eBird/ML. We encourage you to take advantage of these features:

  • An eBird profile page includes a brief personal biography and an interactive map showing your birding and media from around the world. You can keep your profile private, or make it public so that you can share with friends and fellow birders

  • A “My Media” button on the eBird/ML Media Search page helps you easily find the media that are most important to you

  • A “Save Spreadsheet” feature in Media Search, which combined with the “My Media” button, gives you an instant database of all the media you’ve contributed to eBird/ML

  • A Macaulay Library “specimen page” showcases individual video, photo, and audio contributions and provides links for social media sharing

  • A “Download Original” button lets you (and only you) instantly download an uncompressed copy of your original media upload